Awards & Publications



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  • Brian Libby, “In Growing Portland, the Strategy Is Density Over Sprawl”, The New York Times, December 8, 2015


  • Oregon ASLA Honor Award, Urban Play: Swing, Dunk & Pump, Portland, OR
  • Oregon ASLA Merit Award, The Pearl Marriott, Portland, OR
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  • Luke Hammill, “Hillsboro Pioneer Cemetery”, The Oregonian, June 4, 201
  • Portland Ecoroof Symposium Presentation, Kurt Lango, “The Janey Apartment Ecoroofs: The Business Case”
  • Force of Nature: Portland's Parks, Past, Present and Future Presentation, Kurt Lango, “Urban Play: Swing, Dunk & Pump


  • Oregon ASLA People’s Choice Award, Tattoo Portland, Festival of Flowers, Portland, OR
  • “Wonder Wall,” Luxe Interiors + Design, Summer 2013
  • Festival of FlowersGarden Time TV, June 7, 2013
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  • Daily Journal of Commerce 2013 Top Projects, Best in Show, Vernonia K-12 School
  • Daily Journal of Commerce 2013 Top Projects, Public Buildings, First Place, Vernonia K-12 School
  • Daily Journal of Commerce 2013 Top Projects, Private Buildings, First Place, Maryhill Museum Expansion and Renovation


  • AIA People’s Choice Award. Vernonia Schools, Vernonia, OR
  • Josephine Bridges, “Honoring Those Ones Forgotten but Now Found”, The Asian Reporter, May 2012
  • Brooke Burris, “Street League – Steelbridge Skatepark”, Gray Magazine, July 2012


  • Oregon ASLA Honor Award. Steelbridge Skatepark, Portland, OR
  • National ASLA Award of Excellence. Portland Mall Revitalization, South Terminus, Portland, OR
  • Mark Hinshaw, “Day Inn, Days Out”, Landscape Architecture Magazine, November 2011
  • Environmental Design Research Association, Place Planning Award, Steelbridge Skatepark, Portland, OR
  • Kasey Cordell, “Up in Flames, Fire Pits worth a Visit”, Portland Monthly, July 2011
  • Guest Advisory Board, Garden Design Magazine, April 2011



  • Oregon Recreation and Park Association Design Award. Jon Storm Park, Oregon City, OR
  • AIA Unbuilt Merit Award. TriMet Portland Mall South Terminus, Portland, OR
  • Ruth Mullen, “Urban Gardens Go Up the Wall”, The Oregonian, June 11, 2009
  • Hotel Modera and 10th Street Green Street, Landscape Design@ USA, Pace Publishing, 2009


  • Urban Land Institute Global Awards for Excellence Competition. adidas Village Corporate Campus, Portland, OR
  • Finalist, Portland Spaces Magazine Root Awards. Hotel Modera, Portland, OR
  • Finalist, Portland Spaces Magazine Root Awards. 10th Street Green Street, Lake Oswego, OR
  • Alia Akkam, “Urban Oasis Hotels”,, November 2008
  • “Street of Greens: Storm-Water Management, Manicured with √Član”, Portland Spaces, December 2008/January 2009
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  • Kennedy Smith,”Evolution and context: A conversation with Jane Hansen and Kurt Lango”, Daily Journal of Commerce, 16 February 2007
  • Justin Stranzl, “Lake Oswego Effort Would Make Green Street Greener”, Daily Journal of Commerce, February 26, 2007


  • Oregon ASLA Honor Award. Festival of Gardens Competition “Wordplay”, Chaumont, France
  • Mary Vogel, “Moving Toward High-Performance Infrastructure”, Urban Land, October 2006


  • Overall Sustainable Design, Best Practices Competition. Humboldt University Behavioral and Social Sciences, Arcata, CA
  • AIA Mayor’s Award for Design Excellence. New Seasons Market Arbor Lodge, Portland, OR




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