Photo of St. Francis Housing project

St. Francis Housing

This transitional housing project was driven to create a space that feels like home. The landscape includes porches, patio terraces, a community garden, a woodland garden, an earth mound, and the integration of the adjacent Oak St. improvements. The housing site will have a native woodland garden and community garden plots that are both visually and physically accessible to the Oak St. site. Existing Douglas fir trees will have been preserved, adding a mature green backdrop. Also, the existing Rose Memorial garden will be relocated onto the St. Francis Parish property and will remain open to the public. The design adds much needed amenities to the neighborhood, while emphasizing accessibility, inclusion, and safety for all. The design uses nature to create multi-functional spaces for different uses in a small area, enriching the green-network of the evolving neighborhood.


Portland, Oregon


Catholic Charities, Home Forward


MWA Architects

  • Photo of St. Francis Housing project
  • Photo of St. Francis Housing project
  • Photo of St. Francis Housing project